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Our Story

Founded in 2017, by Parker Williams and Phill Gallo all:Lo has been pushing the sonic boundaries of electronic music with innovative and creative energy. Inspired by a passion for artistry in music and self expression, the collective fosters community through collaboration with a focus on high quality bass music and low fidelity production techniques. Fusing sound system and hip hop cultures, all:Lo aims to shed light on the growing electronic music scene.

Over the last 5 years, the grassroots independent label has curated events for unique listening experiences in the Denver music community and beyond with all:lo Takeover's at Big Dub Festival 2019 (PA) and June Jam 2022 (AZ). From putting out compilation albums and independent releases from artists like Alex Unger, Tygris, and co-founder pheel., to throwing weekly events at The Black Box, the collective continues to grow and inspire artists and listeners alike.

You can find our founding members traveling the country from coast to coast spreading their sound while continuing to cultivate community. 

Our Team

Parker Williams

Chief of Operations

Co-founder and head of operations, Parker Williams handles logistics, design, and operational planning.

Phil Gallo

Artist Relations

Co-founder Phil Gallo, seeks to connect with new artists to develop and maintain relationships and coordinate compilation releases.

Marley Schwartz

Creative Director

Co-founding member, Marley Shwartz leads the team on brand development and event curation.

Joseph Rich

Marketing Manager

Co-founder and marketing guru, Joseph Rich leads community discussions and distributes content across all social media platforms.

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